Our Core Competencies

Human Capital

With over 3,950 employees. We at HIL care for our talent. We ensure a good work-place where everyone is treated equally and with respect. We constantly strive to inspire, empower and engage our team members helping put their best foot forward.

Operation Excellence

Our average capacity utilisation levels have been satisfactory with a quick turnaround time for dispatch from factory to consumer. Efficient operational methods and process innovations yield higher margins and premium on products.

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World Class R&D

Adding value to the existing products and continuously striving to develop new products is critical to our business sustainability. At HIL, we adopt process innovations and research on industry changing dynamics to stay ahead of competitors. Our dedicated R&D facility was the first in industry, set up in 1964. We work tirelessly to develop and improve various raw material compositions to improve existing products, as well as develop new products.

Over the years we have continuously invested on R&D, upgrading our technologies across our manufacturing facilities. Sustained investments in technologies have allowed us to produce efficiently with greater productivity.


HIL name is synonym with Quality. This is truly reflected by its brands. At HIL quality is embedded into all the spheres of business. The main themes of quality centre on Customer Centricity, Operational Excellence, Capability Building and Technological Innovations. These themes help us not only to sustain the Quality standards but also help us to remain ahead of times. While the Quality Management System forms the foundation for all these pillars with relenting focus on continuous improvements, prompt after sales support helps us to work with the customers closely and make sure that their requirements are fulfilled and they are able to find a value preposition.

Over the years, HIL has been able to come up with sound technological innovations which have been deployed in our manufacturing factories and this has helped us to move away from manual operations to automated operations. Today our state of art factories are not only able to deliver defect products but also geared up to manufacture products of varying customer requirements in a timely manner. This has given us an added advantage.

Learning and development another important fundamental pillars of HIL and over last 70 years, we have been able to learn and grow as an organisation. This helps us to develop very competent manpower and be the first to come up with customer centric solutions in this changing and competitive world with constraint resources. This makes people at HIL to take pride and work with a greater degree of achievement and accomplishment.

The testimony of our quality is that many of our valued customers are working with us from last three generations and this has made us to work with them as our business partners. A structured mechanism of feedback helps us to improve and innovate continuously.

Environment Health & Safety

HIL invests in a strong environmental, health and safety management, otherwise known as EHS. From an environmental standpoint, it involves creating a systematic approach to managing waste, complying with environmental regulations, or reducing the company’s carbon footprint. Successful EHS programs also include measures to address ergonomics, air quality, and other aspects of workplace safety that could affect the health and well-being of employees.

All Occupational Diseases are preventable by preventing exposure of hazardous substances to employees at work place. Hence, robust dust control systems are in place in all our plants.

Stack emissions and work place dust levels are evaluated to know the fibre concentration in the work environment. The measured levels in work place and stacks are less than permissible levels prescribed by MOEF. Operations team ensures that waste generated is minimal and the generated waste is recycled and / or properly disposed. Process water is totally recycled. Hence no effluents are let out. Safety department ensures availability and use for Personal Protective Equipments and conducts multi cause analysis of any incident. Steps are to prevent such reoccurrences. Safety Audit is also done periodically.

To prevent any occupational health issues, in addition to above environment engineering controls, a health surveillance program is in vogue as per Factories Rules. Pre employment, periodic and follow up medical examinations after cessation of employment are conducted as per regulatory norms. In addition to detailed physical examination and necessary investigations, Health education and counseling of employees on preventable aspects of disease is also done. Medical records are maintained up to 15 years after cessation of employment as per statutory norms. As Tobacco smoke multiplies the risk of asbestos related lung cancers, Tobacco smoking is banned in the factory premises since 1983.